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We changed the proxy game with Zoom Proxies.

Now, we are changing the cook group industry with Zoom Notify.

Providing over 500 Free proxies to members every single release!










Frequently Asked Questions

What is your monthly fee?

We charge a monthly reoccuring fee of $45.00 USD.

When do you release memberships?

We announce all restocks via our Twitter account, which you can find on the footer of our website!

What makes you different from other groups?

ZoomNotify offers a variety of different features you won't find in any other group. We offer a vast amount of features, all for a low monthly rate.

How do I renew my monthly membership plan?

You can renew your monthly membership via your ZoomNotify Dashboard.

Is it possible to purchase a lifetime membership plan?

As of right now, lifetime memberships are not available to purchase. Please follow our official Twitter account for information on when/if they become available.

How can I get in contact with you?

You can contact us via either: 1) Our contact page located at or 2) Our official Twitter page:

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